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You’ve probably got a great tap set back in the shop — like we do — but what if you’re up in a ceiling (or somewhere else remote) and you can’t carry the whole set?  Klein’s got you covered qith a screwdriver-shaped tool that’ll create six of the most common threads.

There are three taps on each end of the shaft — which is reversible — ordered from smallest to largest so you just slip the shaft through to the correct size.

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Klein recently added this nice-looking cordura tool bag to their line.  Not surprisingly, I suppose, it looks as though it’d be great for carrying screwdrivers, pliers, other electrical tools. 

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Here’s a reader submission that I wish I’d thought to include long ago: “Basically, if you’re flying around in, say, an airplane — or a race car — you REALLY dont want the bolts holding the thing together coming lose, no matter how much vibration you get at high speeds.  This is a method for keeping nuts from loosening out, while still being more removeable than Locktite — or the little bit of weld that I’ve seen some of my friends try to use rather than going out and buying some Locktite.  It’s popular with aircraft/racing mechanics, and useful for anybody who has something that really can’t be allowed to fail.”

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Here’s something I hadn’t though of before, but apparently the pros know all about: wire pulling lubricants.  Rather than just pulling harder — my up-till-now preferred method of coaxing wire through conduit — pros apply a little lubricant to help the wire on its way.  According to an A/V installer friend of ours, Klein makes one of the installers’ faves.

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Why is it that so many manufacturers seem to equate “small” with “cheap?”  Thankfully Klein doesn’t follow that line of thinking:  These are some truly comfortable and easy-to-use screwdrivers — even if they are small.

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