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For a while you’ve been able to let everybody know you’re a Klein fan by opening a cold one with your Klein Beverage Tool or by carrying your favorite drink in your Klein Beverage Hauler. Now Klein has come out with yet another way to show your loyalty with drink: the Klein Stubby Mug.

Instantly recognizable as a Klein product, the mug is styled after their classic cushion grip screwdriver.  The dishwasher-safe mug holds up to 16.9oz of hot or cold liquid. Comically, Klein claims the mug is food safe — imagine selling a mug that wasn’t.

We can’t find any pricing for the mug, nor can we actually find a place to purchase it yet, even the Buy Now! button on the mug’s product page is currently broken.

Stubby Mug [Klein]


On Klein’s “What’s New” page they’re featuring a new Free-Fall snip.  Our question:  What exactly is a Free-Fall snip?  Klein’s Electrician Snips, which we’ve previously covered, seem to be almost identical except for the larger loop on the one handle.  Maybe that’s the only difference — but then why is it called a Free-Fall snip?

Klein makes the new snip from high-carbon steel rather than stainless steel like their previous Free-Fall snip, so while this snip is slightly harder, it’s also their less expensive — $18 vs. $24.  Both snips sport a scraper and file on the outside of the blades, and they feature serrated teeth for non-slip cutting of 19 to 23 AWG wire.

The cheaper, harder Free-Fall snip doesn’t yet seem to be available anywhere except the Klein Connection store.  If you know where the name comes from, let us know in comments.

Free-Fall Snip [Klein Connection]


All2ools is selling the 6″ Klein Rapi-Drive #2 Phillips screwdriver for $4.87. The Rapi-Drive offset-crank-style screwdriver allows rapid fastening, somewhat like a bit brace, with one hand.

Klein Rapi-Drive #2 Phillips Screwdriver [all2ools.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

Swaging punch

I found this swaging punch on Klein’s website, and it got me wondering just what swaging was. It turns out that swaging is changing the diameter of tubing by forcing it into a die — so swaging is somewhat like flaring. After you swage the tubing, you usually mate it with a fitting, then crimp or solder it. Although swaging can be a hot or cold process, you’ll probably want to use this swaging punch cold.

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Klein Journeyman Screwdriver

It seems like everyone’s re-engineering their screwdriver line — Klein’s no exception. In a departure from their instantly recognizable yellow and black screwdrivers, this month they introduced the new Journeyman series of screwdrivers which they designed to meet or exceed applicable ASME/ANSI specifications.

These new Journeyman screwdrivers copy other manufacturers’ three-sided design with their “tri-lobe” handle, made with a soft-grip material molded over a solid inner core. The butt of the handle features Klein’s Tip-Ident — these patented markings allow you to instantly see what type of screwdriver you’re holding and the orientation of the tip.

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Broad Head Bull Pin

A bull pin has nothing to do with baseball — that would be a bull pen — except possibly being involved in the construction of the stadium. But you probably want it on deck when you’re bolting metal structures together. You use a bull pin to align holes, so you can bolt parts together — you just drive the pin’s tapered shaft into the hole.

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Klein Conduit Fitting and Reaming Screwdriver

Cutting conduit leaves sharp edges that can nick and penetrate wire insulation, especially when pulling wire. The rough edges also can make it difficult to attach fittings. Klein makes a screwdriver specifically for reaming conduit. As a bonus they also provide a hood around the screwdriver blade, to make tightening conduit fittings easier.

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Klein Beverage Holder

For all you Klein fans out there, Klein makes an insulated beverage holder inspired by their distinctive cushion grip. With its 24-oz capacity, it’ll hold about four cups of joe.

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Klein Screwdrivers

I purchased this 7-piece set of Klein screwdrivers at Sears for $42.  It was an impulse buy, and I later found them online for $36.90.  My pain is your gain!  The set includes a 1/4″ slotted, a 5/16″ slotted, a 3/16″ slotted with 3″ shank, a 3/16″ slotted with 6″ shank, a 1/4″ slotted, a #1 Phillips, and a #2 phillips. 

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We’ve written about Craftsman’s bottle opener in the past, but what electrician would be caught without a Klien model?  Matt writes: “Klein screwdrivers are the most common and most recognizable tools seen in electricians’ tool pouches, and now they’ve stuck their screwdriver handle on probably the most important tool you can own: a bottle opener.  I especially love the product description: ‘Professionally designed and rigorously tested by an expert team to handle both foreign and domestic applications.’  How cool is that?  I’ve been using mine for over three years now and it’s helped me out of some jams.  They also make BBQ tools with the same cool handles!”

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