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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 94,000 Kidde PI2000 dual sensor smoke alarms. The alarms can be identified by two buttons, “HUSH” and “PUSH AND HOLD TO TEST WEEKLY,” which are located on the front/center of the alarm. The model number and date code are on the back of the smoke alarm. Only date codes 2008 Aug 01 through 2009 May 04 are included in this recall.

An electrostatic discharge during installation can damage the unit, causing it not to warn consumers of a fire.

Recall Information [CPSC.gov]



Radon is a colorless, odorless, invisible gas that’s a natural result of the breakdown of other materials in soil.  It’s also (according to the sometimes accurate Wikipedia) responsible for around 20,000 deaths each year in the United States (and another 20,000 in the EU) via lung cancer.

Doomsaying aside, it’s really easy to test your home for Radon gas — and it’s nowhere near as difficult to clean up as mold should you find you’ve got a problem.  You can pick up a test kit like the one pictured above at most stores that carry hardware of any kind.  Generally, these kits have you take samples from around your home, then send the samples to a certified lab using an included return mail envelope.  You receive the lab results in a few weeks.

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