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A multimeter is a useful tool in many circumstances, but just what are you supposed to do with the test leads when you’re done using it? If you’re lucky your meter has a compartment for storing leads — otherwise you could bundle them nicely with a Velcro tie or just wrap them around the meter a few times. Maybe a better option would be to pick up a set of Kastar’s 15′ retractable leads.

The test leads can be used with any meter that accepts standard banana plugs. You can pull the retractable leads out to any length up to 15′ and then retract them back into the disk for storage. They can be used up to 30VDC and 10A when unwound and up to 6A when retracted.

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HandsOn Tools is selling this ratcheting Kastar refrigerator wrench for $9.48.  I use one on my acetylene tank for rapid shutoff of the tank valve — these are handy for anyplace where you have to turn a square valve nut.

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This long-handled bit wrench is intended for installing automotive door hinges where you’ve really got to lay in some torque accurately to get the job done.  But there’s no reason you couldn’t use it anywhere you need to apply large force to a small fastener with a hex, Torx, or square head. 

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Here’s a specialty tool that’ll save you a ton of time if you happen to own a Harley with a malfunctioning neutral light: a transmission neutral light wrench.  Of course, if you don’t own a Harley — or own a Sportster or a soft-tail, which this tool doesn’t work with — it won’t help you one bit.
It features an extended, low-profile 7/8” head that fits your hog’s switch and a short handle that won’t interfere with any gauges or the tree.  And yeah, it’s pretty pricey at $45 bucks, but is price really an issue for you if you already bleed HD orange?

Transmission Neutral light Switch Wrench [Kastar]
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