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Dynamite Tool Co. is selling this Jorgensen Adjustable 3″ Hold-Down Clamp for $10.25.  Used to clamp objects to a machine table or any bench top, it slides on and off the hold-down bolt and grips strongly, and you can rotate it 360 degrees around the hold-down.

Jorgensen Adjustable 3″ Hold-Down Clamp [Dynamite Tool Co.]
Street Pricing [Google]


Though power miter saws offer awesome power and versatility, they can be expensive.  Sure, you can get a power miter saw for less than $100, but you can get a 45-degree-only plastic miter box for less than $10.  Not one to limit my future functionality, I picked up this miter saw and box combo at the big box for less than $20.

Sturdy enough for the occasional DIYer and weekend warrior, the saw gives you quick angles for four, five, six, eight, and twelve-sided polygons — that’s 45, 36, 30, 22-1/2, and 15 degrees — in addition to your perpendicular cuts.

Plastic Precision Miter Saw [Jorgensen]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


Coastal Tool is selling these rubber pads that fit on Jorgensen bar clamps for the pretty good price of $2.75.  The pads prevent the metal clamp faces from digging into and marring your work when you clamp it together.

Jorgensen Bar Clamp Pad Set [Coastal Tool]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


You never be too rich or have too many clamps. Here’s another to add to your collection; it’s the love child of a squeeze trigger clamp and a traditional bar clamp. The result: bar clamp reach with one-handed trigger simplicity.

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