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Clamp Jet’s Saw Buddy to your sheet goods when you start a cut, and it’ll support the cutoff side. This leaves your hand free to catch the other end when you finish the cut. By preventing the cutoff from twisting or bending, the Saw Buddy keeps the kerf open so it won’t pinch the saw blade, which theoretically should give you a cleaner cut.

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With Jet’s vacuum gun in your air tool arsenal you can vacuum with your air compressor instead of digging out the shop-vac — no electricity or extra cords required.

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We’re not exactly sure what advantage the split-head design on Jet’s Double Header C-clamp gives, but it definitely looks different than most C-clamps.  Instead of two clamping points, the Double Header gives you three points, presumably to spread around the tool’s 1,500 pounds of clamping force.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, Jet is running a 50th anniversary giveaway. As always, be prepared for the advertising and the possibility of spam if you sign up — but they’re giving away a good band saw this month, and the grand prize is a $10,000 shop upgrade. Next month you could win a chain hoist.

50th Anniversary Sweepstakes [Jet Tools]

Jet jointing clamps

Jet’s stainless steel spring-style jointing clamps hold butt joints and right-angle joints together simply and quickly and will handle material up to 3/4″ thick. A fiber filled composite material holds the stainless steel springs at a right angles to each other, so they require no adjusting or tightening — just slip the wood between the springs and the pieces are automatically aligned at right angles.

They’re sold in pairs for as little as $18.

Jointing Clamps [Manufacturer]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


Sanding by hand sucks.  Sometimes you can’t avoid it, but it’s surprising how often you can — especially if you have a full-sized 6” x 48” belt and 12” disc combo sander like this one from Jet. 

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JoshMaz writes: “Any woodworker with a saw also has sawdust — and probably lots of it.  Sure, many tools have a ‘dust extraction port,’ but these seem to be only partially effective at best.  Besides the health issues associated with breathing dusty air, it seems that every horizontal surface in the shop — and the rest of my basement — is always covered in a layer of dust.  Well, the wife bought me one of these babies (the AFS-1000B) for Christmas and what a difference it makes!  I just turn it on and set the timer when I start working and then forget all about it.  From the first day I used it I could see the difference in the air in my shop.  One of these is highly recommended for any serious hobbyist or shop-owner.”

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I realize that at a street price of around $4,800 that many of you aren’t going to run out to purchase one of these this moment — especially not for delivery via FedEx.  I certainly can’t.  But I’ve wanted one of these forever, so you can drool over it along with me, yeah?

The brake pictured above is JET’s 96″ floor-standing model, and can handle up to 16 gauge mild steel.  It ships with lots of different fingers as well to simplify the process of creating difficult corners.  It weighs just a nickel or two over a ton.

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Jet / WiltonJET/Wilton has issued discount pricing for some of its industrial products through August 31, 2006.  Link below.  (Beware, PDF link to sales flyer.)

JET/Wilton Sale Flyer [PDF: JET]


JET recently posted their 2006 Woodworking Catalog for download.  The catalog doesn’t include pricing information, so you’ll have to contact them directly for that.

You can drool all you want, though.  If you don’t already have this catalog as toilet reading material, you’ll definitely want to give them a call to get a paper copy.

Apparently the 2006 Metalworking Catalog is still a ways off, and they’re still displaying the 2004 Industrial Products catalog.

2006 Woodworking Catalog [JET]