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If you want to remove paint, rust, dirt, or welding slag without damaging the metal surface, you may need an air needle scaler.  This air-powered tool has a piston that drives a number of needles or small chisels back and forth very quickly.

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Ingersoll-Rand’s workhorse rock drill is mean. It can drill a 2″ wide hole up to 18” deep into solid rock — perfect for when the s#!$ you need to break is made of stone. And just think how cool you’ll look weilding it!

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Ingersoll Rand is well known for their line of pro-level pneumatic tools. But they’ve made a name for themselves with impact drivers of all types. So when these guys come out with a line of cordless tools that includes high-powered wrenches and ratchets as well as drills and grinders – we noticed.

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post-irratchet.jpgWith a thinner head, the “Flathead” lets you bring air ratchet goodness to projects where you’d normally be stuck wearing out your arms wrenching because your standard air ratchet simply won’t fit.

A composite grip separates your hand from the chill of compressed air, and the Flathead’s titanium head makes it one of the lightest and most balanced air ratchets around.  Ingersoll Rand also says that moving the forward/reverse switch off the head has the added benefit of easing one-handed use.

The 1215Ti Titanium Flathead Air Ratchet [Ingersoll Rand]

Update: It looks like Craftsman makes a similar ratchet, too, called the Craftsman Professional 3/8-inch Rapid Reverse Ratchet.  It’s $149.99 in the latest catalog.


post-irimpact.bmpRanging in size from 5″ to 7-1/4″, Ingersoll Rand’s new mini air tool kits are useful for small spaces and small hands.  Each kit includes a mini air tool along with an accessory package centered around a specific work type.  Current kit offerings include:

All of the kits feature a composite tool housing with a textured grip as well as a pistol grip design with a thumb-actuated switch and variable-speed trigger. 

Street prices are in the $100 to $150 range, and they’re in stores now.

Press Release [Ingersoll Rand]