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If you saw a picture of this tool, would you be able to guess what it was? Even knowing that Hyde called it a painter’s door stand, I couldn’t figure out how it was used until I read the description on Amazon.  You attach the $4 door stand to the hinge mortises of two doors and it holds both doors upright at what looks to be a right angle to each other so you can finish all sides of the two doors.

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Cutting in corners can slow you down when you’re painting — plus the paint texture where you’ve cut in with a brush never seems to match the paint texture applied with a roller. In certain lights it can even look like different shades. The CornerEase roller from Hyde lets you cut-in corners using a roller for a faster and more even paint job.

Besides corners, you can use the CornerEase to paint siding and bead board, paint around obstructions like conduit, and even apply drywall mud. A V-shaped hub is what shapes the 100% lamb’s wool cover so it can reach into corners and grooves. The handle also fits any standard extension pole.

You’ll pay between $25 and $30 shipped for a CornerEase Combo pack, which contains the roller hub, cover, and tray. Replacement covers run about $10.

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We’re sure you’re sick of Hyde products for now, but we’re saving the best (read: most ridiculous) for last:  the Dual-Action Flex Roller.  Hyde claims that with their new roller you’ll spread paint more evenly, paint faster, and work more effectively.

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Hyde likes the number 10.  First it was the 10-in-1 Painter’s tool, but that wasn’t enough 10’s, so they made the PaintMiser 10-in-1 tool.  Instead of carrying this tool in your pocket, you probably want to leave it close to the paint — most of its functions have to do with getting every last drop from the can.

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Hyde takes the venerable painter’s 5-in-1 tool and adds a bit holder and storage for four bits in the handle, in addition to the paint scraper, drywall knife, roller cleaner, crack cleaner, and hammer.  Evidently it’s supposed to save you from grabbing for a screwdriver when you need to remove hardware for painting.

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