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Milwaukee has indeed made good on their promise to join DeWalt in entering the hand tool market under their power-tool-famous brand, and one of their new products even made it into our Favorites of 2011 list. This drywall saw caught my attention as well as a potential replacement for my Husky 5-in-1 drywall tool. Honestly, I hate the Husky, except for one thing: it works. It’s ugly, it’s awkward, and it looks like a Swiss Army knife designed for a two-year-old. But it does a great job of making accurate holes in drywall, so it gets a good bit of use around my house.

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Years ago my dad bought me a pretty comprehensive Husky socket set. The sockets remained safely stored in the box for a year or so until we moved into our current house and Dad bought me a tool chest. I had organized the sockets in each drawer by type and size, but over the years the opening and closing of the drawer left the sockets piled up and scattered. As I was repairing my daughter’s car a few weeks ago, I discovered that any remnant of the organized system I once had was gone the way of the steam shovel. I resolved to finally do something about it — I discovered the Tekton socket holder set and for the first time in six years I can actually find a socket in my socket drawer.

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If you own a Craftsman, Delta Shopmaster, DeVilbiss, Husky, or Porter-Cable air compressor, heads up: DeVilbiss (the actual manufacturer of these particular models) announced the recall of about 460,000 compressors due to an overheating problem that can pose a fire hazard.

The picture above (courtesy of the CPSC) shows where to check model number information, but you’ll want to visit the CPSC website (link below) to check the extensive list of affected models, which we sold at “home centers nationwide from January 2003 through December 2004.” Affected Craftsman models were sold at Sears (of course) from September 2000 through December 2005.

If you own an affected model, the CPSC says you “should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled compressors and call DeVilbiss or Sears for a free inspection and repair.”

DeVilbiss Recalls Air Compressors Due To Fire Hazard [CPSC]


Perusing through Home Depot’s “gift” section, I came across a lot of cheap flashlights and multifunction tools, but one tool really caught my eye. It was your run-of-the-mill multi-bit screwdriver from Husky — but it had a hole in the middle of the handle that you could stick the shaft into to make it a T-handled screwdriver. I thought, “Holy crap, why have I never seen something like this before?”

Now given, if you have to crank on a screw so hard that you need a T-handle screwdriver, you’re probably doing something wrong, but there are times when you just can’t get enough leverage to remove a stuck screw — and I could totally see this tool saving your ass in that situation.

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About two years ago we talked about Husky’s portable AC/DC power system. We’ve aired up a ball or bicycle tire with it here and there, but it largely remained stowed — that is, until earlier this week when we found out firsthand that this little jumper set will save our crappy-truck-driving rear.

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Let’s be clear: the press hates Husky’s 5-in-1 drywall tool. Popular Mechanics named it one of their “10 Worst Gadgets of 2007” — along with the Zune, leading dozens of Microsoft fanboys to blog, “at least my Zune isn’t as uncool as the Husky 5-in-1.” And it’s not pretty. It’s freakin’ huge, and it looks like unplanned result of a one night stand between a utility knife and a Swiss Army multi-tool.

But sometimes form follows function. The Husky 5-in-1 wasn’t designed to cram five drywall tools into a smaller space, but rather to combine them in a way that they can still function. Specifically, its boxy end makes squaring off freshly cut drywall holes a breeze.

Is it a misunderstood tool or waste of toolbox space? Read on past the jump to find out.

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Campbell Hausfeld is recalling several compressor models after 11 fires were reported. The recalled compressors pose a fire hazard due to improper motor coverings that can ignite during use. The affected products include certain Campbell Hausfeld and Husky compressors sold between July 2005 and November 2007.

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I just saw this 101-piece bit set in my local ‘Depot circular. It’s available in stores for just under $9, but even at $10 online it’s a pretty good buy — especially considering that my trusty ratcheting screwdriver has always been a go-to standby. Hell, the handy dandy case alone is probably worth $10.

Husky’s 101-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver/Bit Set [Home Depot]


Everyone needs a basic set of mechanics tools to handle the miscellaneous home and auto issues that crop up.  And after you acquire the basics, you face about a thousand options that — to the average consumer — might or might not be handy around the garage. That’s why Husky’s 45-piece Stubby set piqued our interest: it’s cheap and looks like a well balanced set that’d augment a standard set nicely.

Read on past the jump for our hands-on experiences as we gave this stubby set a shot in the TM shop.

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As portable Halogen work lights go, the HSK142r from Husky is about as solid-looking as they come.  Hey, any light with a mad-max style front grill is on my techno-punk cool list.  But the coolest part is that this 12V DC rechargeable work light operates both corded and cordless.

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