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Ever wonder how divers can patch a hole in a ship in the water?  One way is the Hilti UW10.  This gun can seal a 15mm plate to the side of a ship to stop it from taking on too much water, saving both cargo and lives.

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HILTI markets its tools to “professionals,” which essentially means that most of their tools are sold by contract to commercial customers.  While the tools themselves often don’t seem that distinguished from their primarily-big-box-retailer-targeted cousins, HILTI does offer an extensive range of parts and service options for their tools.  So it’s interesting to see what they’re offering from time to time — especially when Home Depot seems to carry it.

Like, for example, this 24V cordless reciprocating saw.  The form factor’s a bit of a departure from most manufacturer’s idea of ideal, but it should offer a relatively low center of gravity which might contribute to ergonomics.

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