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Well, crap. Despite our skepticism and even our best efforts to get the thing to fail, our Hero Heater has made it through the winter. It’s just difficult to to find something bad to say about the damn thing. It’s small, well mannered (quiet), easy on the ears, and lightweight; it sips fuel and the battery lasts more than a full day in the shop without a recharge.

We loaned it out to other shops and tradesmen; we let it sit for a month to see if the battery would drain out; and we started it up cold every day for about a month and change, and not once did it fail to start at the first press of a button. It keeps the shop (two-car garage with the door cracked) warm enough to work in, even when temperatures are close to freezing outside.

We give. It’s solid. The funny part is, the four people we loaned to bought one after they gave it back, which, at $150 for the Hero and $20-$30 for the propane, is no small endorsement. Well done, Little Hero.

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