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How do you know your hoist will load 16 tons? This hoist load tester from Harrington Hoists can measure a hoist’s lifting ability up to ten tons — and a little more, for a good margin of error. (This baby could cause some serious “test to failure” situations.) Most Toolmongers’ll never need this kind of load tester, but knowing what kinds of tools are used to make and test tools is interesting all by itself.

If you really need a load tester like this one, you’ll have to get a quote from Harrington Hoists or one of their distributors.

Hoist Load Tester [Harrington Hoists]


In my book, lazy = creative.  Say, for instance, you don’t want to lift a 400 pound object and there isn’t anyone to sluff the labor off on help you.  You can either leave the heavy object where it is and get a beer, or you can get a chain hoist and move it. The cool thing about the CX mini hoist in particular is that it doesn’t weigh much more than a beer, yet it can lift up to 500 pounds.   Try that with a Dr. Pepper.

The CX mini also features a load limiter to prevent lifting over-capacity loads, an aluminum body with a steel frame for strength, a durable metal chain guide allowing for smooth operation, and a nickel-plated load chain with stainless steel hand chain.  It’s hot stuff in a small package.

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