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Let me guess: When you put 4-1/2″ quarts into the car, the last quart ends up sitting around the shop until eventually you question its vintage and pitch it, right?   But who wants to sit all day and drain oil into containers?  The simple answer to those trying to conserve a few drops is to get an oil saver and let it drain itself

The oil saver is a 5-quart-shaped funnel.  You can either use it to dump five whole quarts in all at the same time, or you can dump five of those “partials” from around the shop in it to recover what’s there.  When you’re done, just attach another oil container to the nozzle and hang it on the wall to allow complete drainage of the residual oil left in each container.

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Matt W. writes: “Here’s a slick socket organizer.  The labels make it easy to identify the size, so you pick the right one to begin with, and it’s a snap to put it back in the right place.  This gets your sockets organized and keeps them organized.  Hansen Global’s wrench organizers have easy ID labels also, although I have another wrench organizer I like better.  Website warning: Hansen Global’s website is pretty lame.  Yhe young lady buyer here at work described it as “ghetto”.  I am apparently not so young anymore.”

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