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Greenlee Free 5 -gallons of lube promo

The mind boggles at all you could do with five gallons of free lube. Before you get too excited, this is cable-pulling lubricant, and the promotion comes with a catch: to get your free bucket of Cable-Gel lube you have to buy one of Greenlee’s new UG5 Ultra Glider packages. The UG5 Ultra Glider regulates the application of lube when you’re pulling and feeding cable, eliminating the need for a second person on the job to hand-lube it.

It’ll set you back a pretty penny — the UG511ST, pictured, costs around $3,500, so it’s really a tool for the professional tradesman.  Still, check out the data sheet for some double entendres that’ll make you blush.

Free Lube Promotion [Greenlee]
UG5 Datasheet [Greenlee]
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Greenlee ETS12

Sick of carrying around bulky bolt cutters? This year Greenlee’s introducing a small and lightweight, battery-powered steel cutter. You could call the ETS12 battery-powered bolt cutters, but that wouldn’t really do the tool justice. The ETS12 can cut grade 8 bolts, threaded rod, grade 40 rebar, steel rod, ground rods, copper and aluminum cable, guy strand, aircraft cable, and other mild steel.

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If you’re considering purchasing a few Greenlee products, their site has made it a bit easier for you with the addition of product demos for many of the their most popular tools. Apparently they’ve figured out that some folk, even handy folk, don’t know exactly what they’re looking at when confronted with a Slug Buster hole driller or Ultra Tugger cable puller.

The video demonstrations should help those new to the Greenlee line figure out what’s going on or even what tool they might need for a particular job.

Product Demos [Greenlee]



Although it’s primarily popular among electricians, Greenlee’s Slug-Buster punch works beautifully for cutting a perfect hole in sheet metal while exerting minimal effort — something almost anyone will end up needing to do at one time or another.  And at around $30 for a basic set, there’s really no excuse not to own one.

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We have a couple of manual deburring tools around the TM shop, but what if you’re dealing with thicker metal or lots of it?  Just chuck up Greenlee’s deburring bit in any 3/8″ or larger drill to deburr up to 10-gauge steel very, very quickly.

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Greenlee’s new HKL-1232 crimping tool offers up (literally) tons of clamping force — twelve tons to be exact.  It’s a manually operated hydraulic crimper sporting a two-speed hydraulic pump that advances rapidly until it contacts the connector, then shifts to a lower speed to complete the crimp.  Wiring a main electrical box, or work on an oil rig?  This is for you.  For the rest of us, it’s just freakin’ cool.

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Greenlee Screwdriver

Toolup is currently offering 20% off most of their listed Greenlee handtools — and the list is fairly extensive.  I found this #1 3-1/8″ black phosphate plated insulated screwdriver (rated to 1000V AC/DC) for $13.59.

#1 3-1/8″ Insulated Screwdriver [Toolup]
Greenlee 20% off Sale List [Toolup]


Greenlee GT-10GFI

Electrical Supplies Online is offering the Greenlee GT-10GFI electrical tester for $8.82 today.  They’ve also got the GT-10 “polarity cube” (read: the same thing, but no GFI) for $5.18.

If you’re doing any re-wiring in your house — especially an older house — this (or one like it) is a must for your toolkit.  It’ll test any 120V grounded or GFCI outlet, and its various light sequences indicate proper and improper wiring.

Greenlee GT-10GFI [Electrical Supplies Online]
Greenlee GT-10GFI [Greenlee]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


These cable anchors from Greenlee help you get the job done fast while keeping cables tight and organized — and looking good in the process.  With one nail and a little yellow anchor, a savvy pro (that’s you) can secure up to eight power (or voice, data, or video) cables to studs or plates. 

The nail holds the anchor to the wall, and cables simply press into the slots. 

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Phillip writes: “Greenlee has just introduced a bunch of new hand tools: pliers, screwdrivers, a couple of high-quality torpedo levels, adjustable wrenches, a new hacksaw frame, tape measure, etc.”Wow, the basic hand tool market’s really heating up.  When I was a kid, almost everyone had either “tool-truck tools,” Craftsman tools, or something they got cheap from the store.  Now a whole ton of people are manufacturing quality hand tools, and it’s possible to get good stuff from a variety of sources.

Isn’t it interesting how certain brand names carry much more weight in one profession than another?  One would imagine that Greenlee’s looking to leverage their long-standing reputation with electricians to kick start their hand tool sales, and my guess is that they’ll do just that.

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