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Computer Aided Design has come a long way in the last decade, but most of the heavy-duty pro-level apps are still much too complex for the average guy to use for fun. Google offers a much simpler tool called SketchUp (free) that’s popular among the high-end DIY crowd. But what if you’re out and about — like, say, stuck in a waiting room — and want to visualize your latest carpentry concept? There’s an app for that: Woodcraft.

Google’s SketchUp relies on Boolean objects — the process of creating standard shapes, then modifying them by adding or subtracting the space overlapping between shapes. Let’s say, for example, you wanted to create an empty box with no lid. You could start by creating a cube. Then you could create a slightly smaller cube, place it inside the other one completely overlapping the top, then subtract. In that case, you’re left with a box with a box cut out of it — or a box with walls sized based on the difference between your original two boxes.

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