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Alligator or “Goat” wrenches have been around for a while. The name “alligator” alludes to the shape of the jaws which look like alligator jaws, but I’m not sure how the name “goat” became attached to these type of wrenches. Two different companies market what appears to be the identical wrench under the two traditional names of Goat Wrench and Alligator Wrench.

Along with the traditional use of turning iron and steel pipes, the wrench has been re-purposed for turning hex and square nuts from 9/16″ to 1-1/8″.  It’s designed so you can use ratcheting action to turn nuts without repositioning the jaws. The 12″ long wrench also has 3/8″ through 5/8″ thread restorers — we assume the middle one is 1/2″ —  and the funny-looking jaw can also be used as a hammer.

Made from forged steel and chrome plated, the wrench weighs 1 lb. 7 oz.  You can purchase an Alligator wrench for about $73 shipped from Craftwork Tools.

Goat Wrench [Corporate Site]
Alligator Wrench [GMP]
Alligator Wrench [Craftwork Tools]

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GMP Tools manufactures pentagonal head bolts to secure manhole covers. That’s right, not square, not hex, but pentagonal — another case of security through obscurity. Of course, if you sell bolts with heads that have an odd number of sides you need to supply the corresponding tools to turn them, so they also sell two different sockets: one with a 7/16″ hex drive for impact tools, another with a 19mm hole which you can turn with a rod.

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