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The Consumer Reports Cars Blog, and several others, have noted the recent introduction of the GM EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) at World Expo 2010 Shanghai. GM and Segway have expanded the Segway P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) platform that Segway demonstrated in April 2009. There are three models for future transportation: the Jiao (Pride), the Miao (Magic), and the Xiao (Laugh) — don’t. Propulsion is provided by lithium-ion battery-powered electric motors in the units’ two wheels.

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The down low for GM is that the biggest of the big three will be cutting down to four brands — Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC — and cutting or selling the rest as well as ending some of the current rides in the GM stable for those four brands as well. Being the tool guys we are, our question is: what about the trucks?

We took a quick look and the site lists the Avalanche, Colorado, Equinox, Express, HHR/Panel/SS, Silverado 1500/HD/Hybrid, Suburban, Tahoe, Tahoe Hybrid and Traverse as all being available for the 2010 year lineup, and that’s just the Chevy brand. The GMC branding is almost if not more plentiful than that with the Acadia, Canyon, Savana, Sierra 1500/Denali, Sierra HD, Sierra Hybrid, Terrain and almost all models of the Yukon.

After seeing that, our next question is: how many will stick around after the next year is up? Most of these models were most likely in production already and were going to be around for sale anyway. When the lines stop for the 2010 year we are most curious to learn how many of that very long list will see a 2011 model year, and how many models will just phase into GM history.

We suppose only time will tell, but at any rate it’s fun to look at the online 2010 GM Product Guide and see what’s going on for the upcoming year.

2010 GM Product Guide [GM]


Is a savings of one mile per gallon even worth thinking about?  Consumers will probably be pondering that question as they consider the XFE option when shopping for their next full-size truck.  GM was kind enough to give us a little time with their new-for-2009 Silverado XFE, so we in turn tore around town with it to see if the option had nerfed the truck, or made any difference whatsoever.

Read on past the jump for our hands-on experiences and a few photos.

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We drive an early version of the Silverado hybrid pickup — due out in the first half of next year — and con GM into hooking a 20′ boat behind it to find out if it can tow. Don’t miss our full hands-on post with the details.


Think battery power and regenerative braking are only for granola-eating hippies? Think again. GM was kind enough to give us a little time with their new-for-2009 (read: available in the first half of next year) Silverado hybrid. And we tried something you can’t do with a Prius: We tooled around town with three people onboard — and a 20′ SeaRay boat out back.

But is this an option for which you’ll ante up a couple grand next year? Read on past the jump for our hands-on experiences and lots of photos.

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