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Manny’s Woodworkers Place calls Gladstone Tools’ diminutive square “the world’s smallest rosewood square.”  They designed this square for model makers, but the two-inch square could also be useful in other tight woodworking operations, like getting under the shoe to check the squareness of your scrollsaw blade.

Gladstone makes the rule from stainless steel and marks the full two inches with 1/32″ graduations.  They make the other leg of the square from rosewood and solid brass.  Beauty and functionality come at a price though — $13 plus $8 shipping and handling, to be exact.

Rosewood Micro Square [Gladstone Tools]
Rosewood Micro Square [Manny’s Woodworkers Place]


Would you rather be sharpening your tools or using them?  Gladstone bets you’d prefer using their marking knife rather than sharpening it, so they gave it a ceramic blade that never needs to be sharpened.

Gladstone makes their marking knives in the USA using a material called Ceremax 80 — a material they claim is second only to diamond in hardness — for the blades.  Then they double-bevel the blade for either right- or left-handed use and cut two flat sections in the handle to keep the knife from rolling when you set it down.

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Marking gauges traditionally use a hardened point or an easy-to-lose graphite point to scratch a layout line, but this marking gauge from Gladstone tools instead uses a regular hexagon-shaped pencil to draw lines as far as 8″ away from the edge of your work.

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We’ve covered jigs for drilling perpendicular holes without a drill press here, here, and here.  Though it may not be as versatile, Gladstone’s simple and elegant solution requires no assembly, and there are no parts to lose.

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