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post-excelerator.gifWith the release of their Excelerator model, Genie claims to sell the fastest garage door opener on the market.

Is it the fastest?  We can’t say.  A lot of factors affect the answer to that question, including the weight and structure of the door to which it’s bolted as well as the specifics of the mount and even whether or not the owner has pets or children.  We can say however, that we’ve had experience installing screw-type openers and compared to other types they’re incredibly fast and quiet.

Other features (that might be more germane to your garage experience than its speed alone) include:

  • a flush mount design that helps in low clearance applications (read: you have a Hummer H2 and a normal garage)
  • bright lighting from two 60-watt bulbs
  • and a super duty 1/2 HP DC motor to handle heavy doors

Street pricing starts around $250.

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