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Mirrors on your tools? I couldn’t resist posting about this pretty tile saw, just for the picture, but this tool’s beauty is more than skin-deep. Like Gemini Saw Company’s more mundane-looking Taurus 3, this Revolution tile saw features a cool ring-shaped blade. Whereas a normal wet saw pretty much only cuts straight lines, the ring blade allows cutting action more like a scroll saw.

Street pricing on the Revolution starts at $945 and blades run $100+.

Revolution XT Tile Saw [Gemini Saw Co.]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


post-taurus3-2.jpgUtilizing a ring instead of a straight or band configuration, Gemini’s ring saws give you the ability to cut inside and outside radius curves from tile and stone up to 6 cm thick.

The ring is covered in a diamond-based abrasive, which cuts hard materials such as stone, granite, marble, glass, non-ferrous metals, acrylic and plexiglass, yet won’t cut you if you happen to stray into the “blade.”  (Gemini says skin bounces off the abrasive where as immovable materials don’t.) 

The ring also cuts in all directions — as opposed to one direction with a band saw — which makes shaped cuts easier, and it doesn’t vibrate like a reciprocating saw.  The drive belt in Gemini’s saws draws water up to cool and lubricate the cut, so no pump is needed.

The entry-level Taurus 3 saw (pictured here) is available on the street at around $375, though Gemini does offer much larger and more sophisticated versions.

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