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A day spent sanding is a day spent in hell. Unfortunately I like my projects to come out looking good. Over the last few years we’ve spent hours upon hours “in the grit.” Gator products are normally what get stuck to the bottom of the sander or wrapped around a block. One of Gator’s newest creations is the Ultra Power paper with Black Zirconium.

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These Micro Zip sanders look pretty sweet. We’ve seen their larger brethren around — we might even have one lying around the Toolmonger shop somewhere.  Basically these are just like the large versions, with hook-and-loop backing, but Hot Wheels-sized.

The gist of the sander is you can put it in tiny places where larger units won’t fit.  With the hook-and-loop system on the back you can replace the paper without chucking the entire thing.  Our question:  Does this work better than a little block of wood with sandpaper stapled to it? You wouldn’t have to buy special paper, and you could get a bunch of mileage out of even a half-sheet.

In our case we’d also have to be wary of our shop dog Talat mistaking the foam sander for one of his toys and tearing it to shreds.  So what do you think?  Is this a sanding savior or possible chew toy?  Let us know in comments.

Street pricing starts at around $12.

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