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Remove the claw from a claw hammer, replace it with a cat’s paw, and you have something that comes close to the HomeWrecker by FW Tools.  They so named it because they feel it excels at tear-out and demolition — and it’s better then calling it the CLAP (CLAw hammer and cats Paw).

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This past summer I was hanging poultry wire for some poultry stables, and if I’d had the ThumbSaver I could’ve saved my thumb some pain and lowered my stress level by about 200 percent.  This is one of those products you look at and say, “I could’ve made that.”

A small groove with a magnet in it holds the fastener so you can hammer away, while keeping your thumb out of harm’s way. FW Tools currently packages a standard and a mini size ThumbSaver together for about $20.

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