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Fuller FleXtension

You don’t always have enough clearance to drill a hole or drive a screw where you need it. Maybe an obstruction blocks the hole, or the combination of drill and bit just won’t fit, as with closely spaced studs. At times like these a tool like Fuller’s flexible extension could come in handy.

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Fuller’s soon-to-be-released “bullet blade” takes its name from it’s double curved head.  It looks more like a Volkswagen Beetle to me, but its most important feature is that fact that it accepts special double-headed blades which you can deploy from either end.  It also has on-board storage for six additional blades. 

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It’s always fun to see tool designers incorporate design elements from other objects. You just know that someone at Fuller looked at a screwdriver, and thought, “this needs to be more like a revolver.”  The result: the Switch-A-Bit 10-in-1 multi-driver.

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Fuller chisel set

Amazon is offering a three-piece chisel set from Fuller for $7.61. The set includes .5″/12mm, .75″/20mm, and 1″/25mm chisels — all with shatterproof handles. Fuller says they’re also heat-honed to stay sharp and resist chipping.

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