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post-clino2000.jpgWhen you think “level” an image of a meter-long stick with tubes and bubbles probably pops into your head.  Unless you’re looking to align radars or check surface tolerances, in which case you’re used to using something much more accurate — like the Fowler-Wyler Clino 2000.

Featuring a 5 arc-second resolution, the Clino 2000 offers precision angle measurements over a range of +/- 45 degrees less than 5 seconds after you push the button.  It’s self calibrating, and also has a data output port to allow you to connect it directly to a computer to record measurements.

Believe it or not, this is one of Fowler-Wyler’s “entry level” units even though it lists for just under $3,000.  They also sell much more accurate versions for more complex tasks — try a 0.5 arc-second resolution on for size — ranging up over $10,000 each.

The Clino 2000 [Fowler-Wyler]