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We’ve personally be fans of the Flymo for some time, but it seems like the Brits want to keep all that orange Flymo coolness tending lawns under the Union Jack alone.  OK, maybe under the Union Jack and what seems like every other flag in the world save the stars and stripes. 

The Flymo brand has been around for decades and from what we can see they’ve put some hardcore design work into their offerings.  Their product line doesn’t stop at mowers, either, extending to include hedge trimmers, blowers, and lawn vacuums.  Oh yeah, there’s also the Visimo, which looks like a tiny formula-one racer with a rice rocket wing on the back, too. 

We would love to see some Flymo products on this side of the pond, but we’d like to know what you think.  Are they hot enough to make it in the good ‘ole US of A or not? Let us know in comments, especially if you’ve had experience with ’em.

Flymo Products [Flymo]


When was the last time you saw a lawn rake that compacted what you were raking?  Yeah, we hadn’t either until we came across the Flymo Lawnrake Compact 340 this morning.  Don’t let the looks fool you: it’s not a mower.  it’s a vacuum for your yard.

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