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Core drills can put big, precise holes in concrete and stone, without the vibration of a hammer drill which could damage the area around the hole. This wet core drill from Flex also helps to contain the mess, provides cooling, and advances faster.

Street pricing starts at $785, so unless you need to drill a lot of holes in really pretty stone, you might want to rent — especially since bits, which come in sizes upwards of 10″, run $50 or more for the small ones.

Wet Core Drill BHW 812 VV [Flex]
Street Pricing [Google Products]



The Tiger Claw reciprocating saw features a “3-D” joint that rotates at two different points, making it extremely flexible. It allows you to get at your work more easily, even if it’s between or behind a bunch of studs, pipes, or cables. It’s made by a company called Flex Power Tools, so what else would you expect?

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