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Nothing sucks more than over-driving a screw and screwing up (yuk yuk) a pretty piece of woodworking.  While Panasonic’s worked to prevent this error electronically, Festool’s got a simpler mechanical method.  Their Depth Stop chuck is designed to stop at (imagine this) a fixed depth, eliminating the need for torque stops.

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As we can attest there are lots and lots of ways to make square holes.  However, mortising (as it’s called in woodworking) is most easily accomplished with the proper tool — like this benchtop mortiser from Fisch Precision.

With a 3/4 HP motor spining at 1,724 RPM, this is no toy.  But what really caught our eye was its “micro-adjust” fence and very stable-looking mount system.  A cleanly-cut mortise is only valuable if it’s in the right place.

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We’re not sure hwo they justify the word “custom” in the name, but this looks like a great, reasonably-priced drill press clamp from Fisch.  It fits any drill press with slots or holes and features two quick-release adjustments — one on the bar and one near the clamp head itself.

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