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Festool built the TS 75 circ saw with the same formula as their TS 55, but with more of everything.  Like the TS 55, this high-end circular saw can safely plunge into a sheet of wood, and it’s not your average 2×4-chopper or deck-builder, but a fine tool for fine woodworking.  But while the TS 55 boasted an impressive 55″ guide rail, the TS 75’s rail is 75″ long.  The TS 75 also sports a bigger 8-1/4″ blade; it runs at thirteen amps, three more than its little brother; and it weighs an extra three and a half pounds.

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Once you see Festool’s new parallel guide system, you may start to question whether you really need your table saw.  The system works in conjunction with their guide rail to give you consistent rip cuts.

The guide has a pair of stops that hold the edge of the material parallel to the rip guide — you can adjust them to make cuts up to 25-19/32″ deep.  A separate extension attaches to the parallel guides with a thumb screw and allows you to make repeatable narrow rip cuts from 1/16″ to 7-11/16″.

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Festool and BMI Tapes

A few months ago in their SysNotes Newsletter, Festool announced the launch of their Imperial-Metric tape measure. The tape reads in both imperial and metric units, incorporates a window in the top of the case for reading measurements against a wall, and creates arcs or circles with a flip-out tab.

Just yesterday I spotted a tape measure from BMI that looked very familiar and matched the Festool tape feature for feature. I’m not the only one who noticed the similarity — after digging I found some Festool owners had already commented on it in the Festool Owner’s Group forum.

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Festool Gecko Set

With the Gecko suction cup holder from Festool, you can lift and carry loads with smooth, non-porous surfaces that weigh over 100 lbs — pretty cool.  Add the guide rail adapter to all that coolness, and you can hold Festool guide rails on any surface that the Gecko will cling to, without using clamps.

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The long wait for the Festool sliding miter saw may actually be over. Distributors are taking pre-orders, and they expect the tools to arrive by early July. But some Toolmongers may still be a bit skeptical, and rightfully so — Festool first teased us with the KS 120 about a year ago, and since then we’ve only had a few pictures and wishful thinking to go on.

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If you’re thinking of buying directly from the Festool site, you’d better hurry — they’re closing the virtual doors on their web catalog April 1st. This comes as a bit of a surprise, but we’re guessing the tools aren’t flying off the shelves directly from the site.

So if you haven’t found a local Festool dealer, you’ve got about three weeks left to get your Net-shop on. We understand why they’re going this way, but it’s always nice to have the option of going straight to the source, especially if you aren’t close to a dealer.

Press Release [Festool USA]


A look at the Festool site will have fans of the green and black drooling over the May release of the MFK 700 multi-purpose routing tool. The 700 features a quick-change base that switches from vertical to horizontal mode in about six seconds and requires no additional tools.

The video on the Festool site makes the unit seem pretty slick. The MFK 700 features good stuff like a 10k – 26k RPM motor and a connection for a dust collection attachment. The unit will weigh in at 4.2 lbs and will ship with the adjustable base attachment. Nothing on price yet — but if it follows general Festool pricing, “cheap” won’t be the word to describe it.

MFK 700 [Festool]


Festool’s Domino joiner has seen a lot of positive press this year — from us and others. It was even included in PopSci’s Best of What’s New 2007, with our hearty recommendation as part of the selection committee. But those of you who read past the basics know that you’ll need a variety of various-sized cutters and Domino tenons to really make use of Festool’s new rig. Thankfully, they now offer a sweet case to store your collection in a style worthy of this high-buck tool.

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Festool linear sander

Why detail sand by hand when you can buy a power tool to do it for you? To mimic hand sanding, the Festool Duplex LS 130 EQ linear sander’s head reciprocates in a straight motion. This allows it to sand with the grain, which leaves less visible scratches. And when you consider the advantages of finishing the job up to three times faster and landing most of the dust in your dust collection system instead of on you, its price of $290 doesn’t sound so high.

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Stock photo of a Festool product

When I visited my local Rockler shop this weekend, I noticed Festool products randomly littered through the store.  Then I saw a very large half-assembled Festool display case.  So I asked the sales guy about it, and he confirmed that on September 11th, Rockler will start selling Festool Power Tools in their retail stores.

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