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We’ve discussed the Felco model 20 lopper before, but what is different about their model 29 loppers is that they’ve added a spray device to help control disease — especially those caused by bacteria and fungus. Every time you cut, a spray is directed at both the blade and the wound.

Felco doesn’t give much more information about their model 29 lopper, but it looks like the sprayer is a simple handle pressurized container. The sprayer container also looks like it has a belt clip so you can keep both hands free to use the pruning shears.

Unless you do a ton of pruning, you’ll probably want to stay with your modestly-priced loppers and can of disinfectant/sealer rather than pay almost $300 for Felco’s Solution.

Model 29 Lopper [Felco]
Model 29 Lopper
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Jack Frost did a number on a lot of folks this weekend.  Most of Missouri is without power due to the iced-over trees downing power lines with limbs that just couldn’t bear the strain.  Broken limbs should be pruned as soon as possible.  Limbs that are an inch or less in diameter can be cleanly cut with pruning shears or loppers like this 17″ pair from Felco.  For larger limbs, snip or cut parts of the damaged sections farthest away from the tree or bush first to take some of the weight off of the final cut. 

Remember: Pruning big limbs, high branches, and leaning trees is not for the amateur — it’s for trained tree trimmers, especially if the tree in question has anything to do with power lines.  Just let the power company take care of it from there.

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