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FastCap, a company started for making adhesive screw cap covers, also has a kit that lets you make your own covers out of .018″ to .022″ thick edge banding or veneer, but they don’t recommend plastic laminate.

To make your own covers, apply the speed tape to the back of the veneer. Then, with the right size die in the hole punch tool, punch out the covers from the veneer. Now you have covers that will fit perfectly into the counter bores created by FastCaps Flush Mount Drill System.

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By now your pockets are bulging with FastCap Pocket tools like the Pocket Chisel, Pocket Painter’s Tools, and Pocket Sharpener. Looks like it’s time to upgrade to pants with more pockets — FastCap now sells a Pocket Pull Saw.

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There are tons of different shelf support systems on the market, but not every system works well in every situation. FastCap’s Speed Brace has features that may make it a better choice when it comes to certain tasks.

The first and most notable feature is an alignment notch that FastCap claims makes aligning many supports easy. Just install a straight cleat level on the wall and the Speed Brace’s 1-1/2″ by 1-1/2″ notch slips over the cleat, making aligning each brace almost foolproof. I wonder if using a cleat to align other types of shelf brackets wouldn’t work equally as well, but then what do I know?

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There are a lot of tricks and tools for spacing deck boards evenly, but how many of them give you perfectly aligned screw heads too? Jason Lindquist designed FastCap’s DeckMaster to help the amateur and pro alike build professional-looking decks.

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Now here’s a good idea — integrate a ball bearing into a drill bit stop. When the stop hits the work piece, the bearing will stop and allow the bit to keep spinning: no marring, scratching, or burning from the spinning stop. It’s not a new idea: the Forstner Depth Stop we covered previously uses this, and now so does FastCap with its new Layout Drill Bit for drilling shelf pins for European-style adjustable shelving.

To adjust the depth of the stop, you loosen a set screw with an Allen wrench. Sounds just like a collar stop, doesn’t it? In my opinion, they really missed the boat on this one; rather than selling such a limited-use bit, they should integrate this technology into a set of collar stops.

The Layout Drill Bit will only be available in 5mm and 1/4″ sizes.

Layout Drill Bit [FastCap]


You could say that using FastCap’s Mortise Tool to quickly apply their ebony pin Artisan Accents is cheating, but then again you might make the same argument against using power tools to make traditional pinned mortises.

To apply the accents you just need to tap FastCap’s Mortise tool with a hammer; doing so leaves a divot in which you place the accent. Then just tap the accent with a hammer until it is flush with the wood.  The accents can be used purely for decoration or for hiding screws.

You’ll pay $20 for the mortise tool plus $8 shipping. You might as well throw in a pack of 50 Artisan Accents for $5 while you’re at it, since shipping won’t cost you extra.

Mortise Tool [FastCap]
Mortise Tool [FastCap eStore]


Are you sure you want to carry that sharp and dirty painter’s 5-in-1 tool or putty knife in your pocket?  With FastCap’s new folding pocket putty and combo putty knives you don’t have to worry. Both tools use the same folding handle as the rest of their pocket tools to protect the blade and keep your pants clean and free of holes.

The pocket tools feature a thin, flexible blade made from heavy-duty stainless steel that can get behind molding without damage or spread fillers. The combo putty knife also allows you to scrape, dig, and clean rollers like any painter’s 5-in-1 tool.

Either pocket tool will run you $10, plus Amazon will ship the tools for free if you purchase over $25 — you’ll just have to throw some extra tools on the order.

Pocket Putty Knife [FastCap]
Pocket Painter’s Tool [FastCap]
Putty Knife Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Painter’s Tool Via Amazon [What’s This?]


Use TapeNIX temporary pulls anytime you haven’t put pulls on the cabinet or drawers, but still need to easily open and close them. Presumably they are so named because Anthony LaFemina created them to replace the blue tape he saw being used as temporary pulls.

Made in the USA, TapeNIX pulls slide over cabinets and drawer faces up to 3/4″ thick. Simply slide them off once you’ve installed the permanent pulls.

A bag of 10 TapeNIX pulls shipped from McFeely’s will run you $12, but you get a better price break at 100 pcs. — $33 shipped.

TapeNix [FastCap]
Tapenix [FastCap eStore]
TapeNix [McFeely’s]

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Yeah, we’ve posted a lot of FastCap products week and we’re still not done. This is because FastCap is actually cranking out a ton of unique tools right now. Whether these tools stand the test of time or are relegated to the back shelf remains to be seen, but you have to hand it to them for having the nerve to put out new specialty products in this economy.

Another one of these new products is their pattern marker — so called because it’s primarily used for tracing patterns. The long nosed marker also lets you trace around other objects without resorting to tilting the pen at a funny angle. Another use would be transferring the locations of small holes where everything but a scratch awl would be too thick.

The long nosed pattern marker actually is two permanent, waterproof markers in one. One end has a  1-1/8″ narrow extension tip for getting into tight spots, and the other has a wide chisel tip for normal marking uses.

FastCap’s long nosed marker will run you $5 when it becomes available.

Long Nosed Marker [FastCap]


FastCap’s Joist Clip holds joist hangers in place, leaving your hands free to secure the hanger and out of the way of the hammer or nail gun. Even if you don’t have the joists in place yet, you can use the clip with a stub piece to help correctly align the hangers on the header.

Designed to work with hangers for standard 2x dimensional lumber, the Joist Clip slides over the joist hanger and squeezes against the joist, keeping the hanger in place.

FastCap claims there’ll soon be other sizes available for larger joist hangers, but for now you can purchase this set of two joist clips for $10 from Amazon.

Joist Clip [FastCap]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]