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I keep a ton of 1″ mild-steel square tube in the shop, ’cause it’s pretty much the basic building block for most home fabrication projects. And I’ve spent waaaay too much time either cutting and notching tube to close up ends or making ugly corners. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be able to miter the corners like you would a piece of wood? You can, it seems, with the Evolution Rage 3.

It’s built pretty much like standard wood miter saws, with two big changes: First, it spins at around 2,500 RPM instead of 3,500+ like wood saws. Second, Evolution fits it with their special Rage blade, which they claim will plow through steel, aluminum, and wood. Specifically, their website claims the saw/Rage blade combination will produce up to 750 cuts in “mild steel box section.”

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We’re into tools of all kinds, but noisy ones with brute power do tend to perk our ears a little. The Evolution 12-inch disc cutter is one of those hairy-chested tools that makes all before it flee for cover — for as long as the cord will reach, anyway.

The big cutter features a 4-inch cut depth, a 2400w motor that spins up to 5000rpm and a 20-minute duty cycle which we’re guessing is due to heat from the operations it’s performing. Equipped with an Evolution diamond blade, the cutter will go through reinforced concrete, stone, and brick without much of an issue as this video link shows.

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Ron’s Home and Hardware is selling the Evolution Rage 2 metal-cutting chop saw for $250.80. It’ll cold-cut steel and other metals cleaner and faster than an abrasive cutoff saw.

Evolution Rage 2 Chop Saw [Ron’s Home and Hardware]
Street Pricing [Google]


Usually the only thing you get from a cyclone is a mess, but the Cyclone from Evolution helps metal shops clean up. The end is hollow, with a big magnetic plunger in it. Wave the magic wand over your mess, picking up the ferrous scrap, then hold it over the scrap barrel and pull the plunger. If only there was a version for sawdust.

Evolution sells the Cyclone for $13.

Cyclone Magnetic Cleaner [Evolution]


Dropping a tool’s list price down out of the thousand-dollar range can make it affordable to lots of small companies, but when I saw this Bora magnetic drill listed for under half cost, I started looking for a catch. There is one, sort of: The travel on this mag drill is only 2″. But if your application doesn’t need more than that, you may be able to switch to a tool that’s a third of the usual price.

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A couple of different Toolmonger readers have written in to ask us what we think of the Evolution Rage circ saws.  If you haven’t heard of them, here’s their elevator speech: they claim their saws can cut through steel, aluminum, and wood — even wood with nails in it — with “virtually no burr or sparks.”  They also say that their saws don’t heat up steel, which means you can handle the cut right afterward.

Besides these claims, they’re pretty much standard circ saws.  The 7-1/4″ model (pictured) cuts 2-1/8″ at 90 degrees or 1-3/8″ at 45.  The interesting part is that it spins at 3,500 rpm.  Also of note: Evolution claims this model has a “30 minute maximum duty cycle.”

Sadly, we haven’t tried one of these out.  Until we can rectify that, do any of you have experience with ’em?  Let us know in comments.

Rage Circ Saw [Evolution]