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One of the guys from Equal-Air posted a comment this morning on our writeup of their competitor’s product, Percy’s tire pressure equalizers.  While obviously he’s interested in selling his unit, he was gracious in the comment and did have some interesting things to say regarding some of the suggestions made by other readers, specifically a 4-hose version:

“Hey guys. As a matter of practical experience, I have to tell you that we (Equal Air Inc.) have been playing around with this concept for years. Many years ago, we were building off-road tools called Equal Air Off-Road. The EA Off-Road started in prototype identically to one of the replies here, with 4 hoses with 4 quick chucks, a central 6″ aluminum maninifold, a ball valve, schrader valve (for putting pressure in) and a gauge. In theory, this is fine, but let me tell you it is a PAIN to use. Four hoses are a real octopus and take up a LOT of space. None-the-less, we used it in the field. It turns out that it was only practical for rough pressure tuning because we keep the front tire pressures about 2 lbs. greater than the rears (to help support the engine weight). The decision was made to make a 2-hose model instead and that’s how the EA Off-Road was born. We made a few for our friends who used and shared them with others, then we went into production. Bottom line advice regarding 4 hoses connected at a manifold….DON’T DO IT..IT’S A MAJOR PAIN TO MANAGE.”

He also submitted their line of tire pressure equalizers, the .25-15 PSI version of which is pictured above.  For those not in the know, tire pressure equalizers are commonly used by off-road and drag racers to equalize (and adjust simultaneously) pressure between tires on each side of the vehicle.

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