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Some foolish person might scoff at wood filler in a Top Ten list full of tools, but we’ve completed at least a dozen woodworking projects with Elmer’s ProBond filler this year and can honestly state for the record that our projects wouldn’t be the same without it.  The Elmer’s filler has become as much a part of our woodwork as a sander or circular saw.

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Wood filler is truly inspired stuff — not only does it allow the crafter to fix mistakes, but it also allows someone like me, who’s not the world’s greatest woodworker, to create pieces that can be displayed without shame or explanations. To paraphrase some rather famous marketing, “Filler doesn’t make the things you build;  it makes the things you build less jackass.”  We uncapped a tube in the Toolmonger wood shop to show you how it works.

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Rummaging through the bins at Home Depot this weekend we came across Elmer’s Nano glue.  From reading the back of the product, it sounds the same as Elmer’s Ultimate glue — but since we couldn’t find a bottle of Ultimate to compare it to, we can’t say for sure.

The Elmer’s website gives the impression that it’s a foaming glue that foams less, which, if we’re not mistaken, was also the big selling point of Elmer’s Ultimate glue.  We then wondered if Nano was Ultimate in a different tube. The claims are almost the same, if memory serves, so it’s possible this is just marketing — or it could really be a different product.

Is this just another foaming glue, or is it the hottest new thing in bubbly adhesives?  Let us know in comments.

Nano Glue [Elmer’s]


A few months ago we mentioned Elmer’s new stainable wood glue with the intent of going to get some and testing it out. After using a few tubes we can tell you that it’s not perfect, but it does work okay.

We glued up quite a few projects with it, some of which you’ll see on Toolmonger in the future, and we can say that the stainable glue does accept Danish oil pretty well — but it leaves much to be desired with oil-based stains like Minwax, and it hardly discolors at all with light, oak-colored, water-based products.

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Elmer the Bull — yes, he’s Elsie the milk Cow’s husband — has been helping woodworkers stick projects together for over 60 years now. Now the famous bull brings us some really handy stuff: stainable wood glue.

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