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Or it’s just cooling. In any case, I saw this on Fast Company — “…Doesn’t Suck, It Blows” –, and couldn’t decide whether to go with the “Cool” title, the “Hot Or Not,” or the “Tool Pr0n” title. Dyson’s new Air Multiplier™ is probably not the fan you want to have out in the garage, but the technology involved is kinda neat. It is, as you may have noticed from the picture, blade-less, and based on phenomena the Dyson engineers noticed when developing their Airblade hand dryer — which is also interesting in that it uses a single thin sheet of air, moving at up to 400 mph, to blast the water off your hands. In the Air Multiplier™, this sheet of air, generated by a “mixer flow impeller” in the base, creates negative pressure as it exits the rim, and draws in more air from behind the fan. The result is a claimed 15× amplification in air, and none of that annoying “unpleasant buffeting” from fan blades.

The 10″ fan is $300, and the 12″ is $330. So while it won’t hurt if you stick your hand in it, it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Dyson [Manufacturer’s Site]

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Dyson Root 6 Hand Vacuum

While they can indeed clog up (as we demonstrated), Dyson’s line of vacuums are definitely has the coolest looking ones on the market today. They’re also among the priciest.  However, the Root 6 is available at Linens N’ Things for $120 right now. Just enter the code “NOV2907” to get the 20% discount. 

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Dyson makes great uprights — just ask Sean.  He says that nothing (at least nothing legal for sale over-the-counter) gets dog hair out of carpet better.  Now Dyson’s entered the handheld arena with their new Root 6, described as “the only handheld that doesn’t lose suction.” 

But when a friend described the Root 6 to us as a “mini shop vacuum,” we knew we had to find out what it’d really do — or not do — even if it meant a sacrifice.   

A note to readers: Don’t do this to your Root 6.  Really.

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A friend of mine who recently tested one of these described it as “a big-ass shop vacuum that you can hold in your hand.”  As you can imagine, that caught my attention.  We use the crap out of our shop vacuum here — it’s a huge, rolling-cannister type that I’m sure you’re familiar with — and the idea of a small version that’s powerfull enough to actually use as a shop vaccuum sounds pretty incredible.

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