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Jonathan writes: “This is Dyno’s retractable lockpick and torque wrench set.  I don’t know anything about picking locks, but when I locked my keys in my new file cabinet — don’t ask — I decided to get a lock pick instead of sending a company-wide email to see if anyone else had the same key code.  I mail-ordered this — mine came from harbor freight — and had my file cabinet open in 5 minutes.  Be careful: they’re illegal to own in some states, but thankfully not mine.  Having a decent lock pick (and knowing how to use it) should probably be a job requirement for anyone in building operations and facilities management.”

The Kwick Pick’s available from Hardland America for $20, which seems to be one of the best prices around, though it’s available via a variety of vendors on Froogle.

Don’t forget to make sure this is legal in your locale!

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