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Benjamen’s recent post about swivel connectors for compressed air lines brought to mind a little sanity saver. This Dynabrade swivel connector has a similar mission but adds a degree of freedom. It can rotate about the male 1/4 in. NPT connection, and the two composite sections can twist relative to one another. When I used this it was with a very light self-coiling hose, and even that was enough to pull the connector straight downwards. When you’re working above something, that can be a problem, but getting the hose out of the way is a simple matter of throwing it over your shoulder. In nearly every other situation, leaving the hose free to rotate is a boon.

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When you hear die grinder, you probably think of a small tool that you operate one-handed — and with most die grinders you’d be right. But the Dynabrade 8″ extension grinder could grind that perception right out of your head. The 8″ extension grinder grinds metal like your average die grinder, but the handle has grown eight inches. It gives the tool a greater reach, but more importantly it gives you more leverage, because the standard one-handed tool has become a two-handed grinding machine.

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Ever wonder how the A-Team guys got all that pin-striping off those late ’70s sedans?  If they were around now, they’d use the Dynazip Decal Eraser wheel.  Just think of all the hours B.A. could’ve spent “pittyin’ the foos” instead of scraping.

The eraser wheel uses its serrated “crepe” teeth to gently grind away decals and stickers from a painted metal surface.  It’s most often used for auto body work, and the serrations provide improved airflow that prevents surface heat build-up on the soon to be graphic-less vehicle.  (Less heat = less likely to damage the paint.)  The design of the teeth also allows for a relative jump-and-vibration free experience.

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