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Kid all you like about the anal among us labeling everything (including the label maker), but labeling your work makes life much simpler — especially when you return to a task months (or years) later and have to remember what the hell you were thinking the first time around. But those nifty electronic label makers have a serious flaw: they run out of batteries. And they’re expensive. And they tend to get dirty or damaged in the shop.

(Ok, that’s a couple of flaws. My bad.)

Label maker giant DYMO, already known to many Toolmongers (see TM’s earlier post on the DYMO Letratag), offers a solution I think sounds great: A truly simple write-on-it-yourself label dispenser.

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Ever been in a shop where you’re completely lost unless you’ve memorized the unique location of every item? (If this is your shop, you don’t have to answer.) I admit to being a “cluttery” person, but the wisdom of more organized friends and, most importantly, a decent label maker, have saved the day more than once.

Electronic label makers like the Dymo LetraTag Plus LT-100T, shown above, are a good bet for organizing all those drawers, shelves, and buckets (think Mythbusters’ ever-present labeled boxes o’ stuff in the background). For around $30, the LT-100T is a solid, mid-range label printer that offers two-line printing, five fonts sizes, seven text styles, date stamps, a a graphical display to let you see it before you print it (some rolls of label tape can run as much as the printers themselves).

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