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Long time readers will know that we’re a fan of portable, battery-powered jump-start rigs. (Various models have saved our collective asses numerous times, keeping shop projects from leaving us stranded on the side of the road.) But here’s a model we hadn’t considered before: the Duracell DPP-600HD.

Like most similar products, the Duracell consists of a big-ass battery and a couple of jump leads — plus an inverter, integrated charger, and all the electronics necessary to make it go. As you’d expect, the big-ass battery is a sealed lead acid model, in this case rated at 12V/28 Ah. Duracell says that’ll deliver up to 480 W continuously to its four three-prong AC plugs, or a five minute burst of juice at 600 W. Of course, that same power can become an additional 280 cold-cranking amps to help start your ailing ride, or it’ll drive the built-in flashlight and radio for pretty much forever.

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