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At one time in my life, the Dremel was the only power tool I owned and I used it for everything. It still finds its way into almost any carving or fine-scale modeling project I manage to undertake. Now Dremel has added another bullet to the already extensive accessory-laden gun with the new detail abrasive brush.

Each of the finger-style bristles on the brush has a bit of sanding abrasive embedded in it that wears down as the brush is used up to expose new grit, eliminating the need for abrasive compound. It also negates the need to replace the wheel after you wear the first bit of abrasive off. The entire wheel is abrasive, instead of just a bunch of sanding grit glued to paper.

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To get the best quality cut out of your lawn mower, you’ve got to keep the blade sharp — but it’s not exactly easy holding that thin sheet of rusty metal at just the right angle over the rapidly spinning abrasive stone on your bench grinder, without losing a finger or at the very least taking a bite out of your blade’s cutting edge.  Lawn-conscious consumers can make the job safer and easier with Dremel’s lawn mower and garden tool sharpening attachment.

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AllProTools.com is selling this Dremel Flex-Shaft attachment for $21.  It turns the Dremel moto-tool into a flexible-shaft tool which, while not on par with a Foredom or Pfingst, will work well for the average user.

Dremel Flex-Shaft [AllProTools.com]
Street Pricing [Google]
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Amazon is selling this Dremel Three-Jaw Chuck for the lowest price we could find, $6.  Used in place of collets on most Dremel tools, this allows you to easily grip tooling from 1/32″ to 1/8″ in diameter.

Dremel 3-Jaw Chuck Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google]


Hardware World is selling a six-pack of Dremel 60-grit 1/4″ sanding bands for $2.26.  That’s the lowest price we’ve found, but it seems like they should be available cheaper and in larger quantities than the blister pack — any ideas?

Dremel 60-Grit 1/4″ Sanding Bands [Hardware World]
Street Pricing [Google]


The palm-sized driver category is opening up a bit more with the addition of this pint-sized Dremel Driver.  A palm driver’s diminutive size and ease of operation appeal to people who dislike turning the occasional screw but don’t plan to pay out a ton of green for it.  Given Dremel’s experience with small power tools, we wanted to see if their new driver is out in front of the pack — or just late to the game with a “Me, too!” effort.

Check out our assessment of the Dremel Driver, and see how it compares to other palm drivers.

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If you’re going golfing after work, take along this little specialty tool from Dremel to keep your balls clubs clean; even if clean clubs don’t improve your game, at least they won’t make that slice any worse. Spinning at either 7,000 or 14,000 RPM, this rotary tool could drastically increase the number of golf-related eye injuries if people don’t wear protective gear! Toolmongers, of course, know better than to skip safety glasses when wielding a rotary tool — Sean says to wear a frackin’ face shield — but we have a responsibility to our fellow man.  Get out there and spread the word, or that one-eyed golfer in your life may soon have company!

Street pricing is about $20. If you think you might get one for Father’s Day, ask for goggles, too.

Golf Cleaning Kit [Dremel]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


As much as we tout the Dremel as a tool for projects big and small, it’s easy to forget that the Dremel rotaries are slammin’ for tiny jobs — and when we say tiny, we mean it. A word from miniaturist Jim Pridham lets you in on just how much TLC goes into his work.

I am an artist of the old school. Inspired by the maritime history and novel architecture of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I’ve lived for over fifty years, I work through an old and universally popular art form: creating in miniature.

I combine extreme detail and realism to sculpt fictional environments. Like a Victorian neighborhood set in San Francisco and coastal villages similar to those I’ve been to. But I leave out the people and animals. I want people to see my work and use their imaginations to create their own characters and tales within my dioramas. Take a look at Maritime Life & Traditions to see some of my work.

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If you or your children are interested in crafting small derby cars, head to Lowe’s on Tuesday for a free demonstration. After they show you how to make a derby car faster and more aerodynamic, your kids’ll get an attendance badge, and you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off Dremel products. See more details after the jump.

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Question: how much Dremel gear can you buy for $125? Answer: a freakin’ lot! And right now Amazon’s encouraging you to stock up on that uber-bit-set or attachment — or maybe a Stylus? — that you’ve been eyeing all year by offering an instant 20% rebate at checkout when you purchase $125 or more worth of Dremel products.

As always, there’s fine print which you’ll need to read for yourself. The link below shows you some of the eligible gear.

20% Off $125 Dremel Purchase Via Amazon [What’s this?]