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DR’s new Versa Pro Z-Mower covers a lot of ground, literally. You can mow at a top speed of 13 MPH and take hills with a twenty degree incline. I wish I had this when I was growing up; the General Lee would’ve had nothing on my hill-jumping prowess. Then again, DR didn’t design it for kids under the age of sixteen who’re pining for their first car — else they would’ve included an air horn on this fast and maneuverable mower.

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Tired of slipping the county road crew a Jackson to fix your gravel driveway and dirt paths?  DR’s 60″ Power Grader puts your ATV or 19+ HP garden tractor to work so you can do the job yourself — as often as necessary.

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MikeC wrote us regarding a funny commercial he saw on TV — think “Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!” — regarding DR’s new wood splitter.  Though they do have a reputation for somewhat a somewhat excessive TV sales pitch, they also make some pretty nice gear, including the wood splitter.

Their electric splitter — most are gas powered — handles logs up to 16″ thick via a motor-powered hydraulic ram that drives the wood against a fixed wedge.  (The site has a great animated graphic to explain it, assuming you haven’t seen a splitter in operation already.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a yard full of large trees, then you may remember fall as the “season of raking.”  Personally, the largest tree in my yard looks about like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, but give me a few decades and I’ll have better.  In the meantime, I’ll just dream of having trees big enough to need something like DR’s lawn vacuum.

DR’s walk-behind series vacuums offer a couple of claims-to-fame: the intake is separate from the moving parts so you can clear it without shutting off the vacuum, a steel impeller spinning at 3,250 RPM shreds leaf debris reducing its size by 75%, and a dust control system keeps you breathing clean air during the whole process.  I’m guessing from the headgear in the picture, though, that it’s not whisper quiet.

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Think of it as lawnmower meets little red wagon.  Or maybe it’s just easier to think of it as the ultimate lazy-man’s wheelbarrow.  Either way, this is a pretty cool piece of gardening gear from DR.

The model in the picture above is powered by a 5.5 HP Briggs Quantum engine, and (according to DR) can move loads up to 500 lbs.  The black bin dumps forward to facilitate unloading, and it’s electric start.  Let the Powerwagon races begin.

Pricing starts around $1,500, so it’s not really the poor-man’s wheelbarrow.  DR is running a sale right now, and this model is marked down to $1,271.20.  (Don’t forget that $0.20.)  If you need more hauling capactiy, there are two larger models: the 6-3/4 HP Pro Powerwagon, and even the 6-3/4 HP Pro Pack Powerwagon that features a powered lift bed.  (The top-o-the-line model is only $700 + change more than the base model.)

The Powerwagon [DR]


DR Universal Saw SupportDR Power Equipment wants to save you the hassle of buying a stand for each of your “portable” power tools by selling you their universal saw support, which is designed to hold up anything from a miter saw to a band saw or planer.  Though we haven’t hand our hands on one of these yet, it looks like it’d fill the bill.

Clamp-style “universal machinery mounts” snap securely to the aluminum top and hold the equipment in place, and adjustable extension arms can also be fitted to support materials up to 16′ in length. Some other features listed include:

  • a 15-amp “outlet center” with 4 power outlets
  • a main table frame that will support up to 500 pounds
  • 3 adjustable material supports with rollers
  • folding legs and 8″ wheel for easy transport

Its “fold up and store away” design scores high with us in terms of the garage space factor, though $299 (direct) is a bit pricey for a stand when you consider that you can get a pretty decent miter saw for that.

The Universal Saw Support [DR Power Equipment]