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Next time you need to go logging underwater, your gas-powered or electric chain saw isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need a tool like one of these air powered chainsaws from CS Unitec. They manufacture a few models of air-powered chain saws, including the underwater model with an exhaust valve.

Besides underwater, air-powered chain saws are safer in hazardous or wet locations. Drawing 92CFM at 90PSI to produce 4HP, the low maintenance saws start easily and the motor and chain have separate lubricating systems.

The saws come with 17″, 21″, or 25″ bars and a standard “Super Chisel” chain. You can also buy carbide tipped and ripping chains for the saws. One of these air-powered chainsaws will run you about $3000 new, but it looks like you can rent them for $130 a day.

Air Powered Chain Saws [CS Unitec]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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Normally we shy away from Tim Allen quips, as we seem to have fallen squarely into his role on Tool Time — no, I’m not Al —  but in this case we can’t pass it up: Tim Allen would call this a 10.5 Amp, 450 rpm eggbeater, and then make manly noises.

Except that you’d need about 200 lbs. of eggs to give this eggbeater a workout. The EZR 21 S Dual-Paddle Mixer is made for some solid use.  No kidding — this thing mixes cement. 

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