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Well-established or perfectionist Toolmongers may not find satisfactory tool kits on the shelf at the big box. Or maybe you just want a neat package to wrap up some of your tools for a specific use — motorcycle, bicycle, auto, and boat kits all spring to mind as good examples, and an office kit could come in handy, too. Cruz Tools sells their tool-kit pouches separately for about $30 each, but if you look around you might find the right kit pouch for your needs at the right price.

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Longtime reader and contributor Lorenzo tipped us off to these tool kits from CruzTools — great replacements for factory motorcycle kits that are lost, damaged, or just plain crappy. 

Our favorite: their RoadTech H3 (pictured) which includes most everything you’d need to un-strand your Harley without embarassing AAA help: a set of combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, locking pliers, an LED flashlight, hex and Torx keys, a screw driver, and a lot more.  There’s even a tire gauge so you don’t have to trust the lame ones at the gas station.

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