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Classic Accessories Lawnmower Cover

For those of us who live in the northern climates, winter is fast approaching and so is the time to think about putting the lawnmower away for the season. But (since your Toolmonger activities don’t cease for winter) throwing your lawnmower back in the corner of the garage will expose it to sawdust, metal, and plastic shavings and other debris you generate. That’s why you need a lawnmower cover, like this one from Classic Accessories.

It’ll protect your mowing investment from dust, and its heavy-duty water-resistant fabric will protect it against rain, bird droppings, and tree sap if you’re forced to leave it outdoors.

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A beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow over your neighborhood is just one of the perks of living up North.  Thankfully we miss out on that down here in Texas, because otherwise we might need a two-stage snow thrower like the one pictured above.  They’ll rid your walkway of the white stuff, but you still get blow back from the thrower all over you — and that’s almost worse than the cold itself.  This snow thrower cab seems like the ticket to not freezing your extremities off.

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