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Remember Choice Products, Inc. with their Rip Master circ saw guide?  Well, they’re back.  The fog has lifted.  The Earth has shifted and raised the gifted.  ‘Cause that’s what they do, yo.  They seek out inventors with slick ideas, then, you know, bring them to market.

Their latest genius: The trash funnel.  It’s a little folding stand that holds your trash bag upright, and it’s got a funnel at the top so your crap goes in the bag instead of back on the ground.  CPI says it’ll also lay flat so you can rake leaves in.

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post-ripmaster.jpgWe’ve mentioned saw guides in the past, but most of them were designed specifically for cross-cut work.  This is the first guide we’ve seen designed specifically for rip cuts, and it looks quite interesting.  The Rip Master attaches to the base plate of your circular saw and after making a few adjustments allows you to make rip cuts ranging from as little as 1/16″ to as large as 24″.

Choice Products, the manufacturer, says that the guide can stay on the saw for quick freehanded cross cuts.

This sort of gude looks to be truly handy for use on the jobsite where a contractor’s table saw would be too much to carry or for use in the garage where you’re strapped for space.  These sort of cuts are some of the most common in day-to-day use, and in those tight spaces this might help you get away without a few larger non-portable power tools.

It’s available direct from Choice Products for $39.99 with free shipping.  We’ll report back with some more information once we’ve seen the press kit and/or tried one out.

The Rip Master Circular Saw Guide [Choice Products, Inc.]