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If you own a Checkpoint level with a Stubby or Magnum base or a 3D DMS Professional Level, their slope pins can give you exact slopes or grades with no painful calculations.

The neodymium magnets on the base of the mentioned levels hold the flat side of the slope pins precisely in the right position so you’ll get an accurate slope every time. For example, if you need a 3/8″ per foot rise, simply place the 3/8″ slope pin on either the (+) or (-) slope pin location marked on the base and position the horizontal bubble vial to read level.

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No, this level wasn’t a victim of jobsite rage.  Checkpoint designed it to check 0°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° angles — the U shape is just a byproduct of its function.  While they were at it they made the U6 in two varieties:  the U6 Flat for flat surfaces and the U6 V-Groove for tubing or conduit.

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Checkpoint packs a hell of a lot of measuring into their EV600 Square — it’s a combination square, torpedo level, and laser level, plus a bunch of well-thought-out features, all in one small package.

Checkpoint CNC-machines the EV600 Square from aluminum alloy 6061, laser-engraves all the markings, and anodizes it in four different colors: Brilliant Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Platinum.  They use acrylic vials with 45 minutes of angle sensitivity and a 650nm Class III laser diode that’s aligned to within a 1/4″ at 100 feet.

The rule stows inside the level and can be configured as an offset or flush square at a fixed 45°, a fixed 90°, or an adjustable angle.  A threaded aperture adapts all Checkpoint lenses and accessory attachments to the tool, plus the unit has a standard 1/4″ thread for use with standard camera tripods.

The EV600 Square runs for 10-20 hours continuously on two AAA batteries, and the laser diode will last an average of 10,000 hours.

Although the EV600 Square retails for $60 you can find it for $40 at Rockler.

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