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Randy writes: “I used to have a Weber long-handled wood grill brush with brass bristles.  I’ve had a Char-Broil Brush Hawg for several months and have used it perhaps a dozen or so times.  In my opinion, it’s an improvement.  It’s a fairly sturdy plastic grill brush with changable stainless bristle pads.  The bristles seem to stand up to reasonable grill scrubbing duties.  There’s a stainless lip on the front for scraping, and a stainless hook on the back lifts grates and doubles as a storage hook for hanging the brush on the side of the grill.  My only complaint is that the front lip sticks up a little too high for my grill and catches on the hanging rack in the back when I’m cleaning the grates.  Pricing for the brush is about $12 and the replacement pads are about $4.”

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