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I was perusing the local Harbor Freight Saturday and noticed that they were clearing out their supply of Central Machinery Portable Downdraft tables for $25. I examined the unit and it appeared to be well-built. So, I waffled about picking one up, but finally decided that its 20″ by 16-1/2″ surface was a little small for what I wanted.

The top is very similar to Rockler’s pre-made downdraft table panels. It’s pre-drilled with large holes and every other hole has a rubber grommet for keeping the work piece in place and allowing air to flow around it. The steel base measures 25″ long by 19-1/4″ wide by 9″ high and has a 2-1/2″ inlet for connecting it to a shop vac.  At 19 lbs. the table stretches my idea of portable, but it is heavy enough so that it isn’t going anywhere when you use it.

The downdraft table doesn’t seem to be available online anymore and is marked for clearance at my local Harbor Freight. If you’re interested I’d give your local store a call first before making the trip to see if they have any left.

Downdraft Table [Harbor Freight]


Unless you work with tires all day there’s probably no need for you to add Central Tool’s digital tread depth gauge to your toolbox.  You could probably get by with a set of digital calipers, a ruler, or a penny for that matter.

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