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Amazon is selling this Bostitch 1-1/2″ to 2″ Pneumatic Flooring Nailer for $367 with free shipping.  It’ll drive 1-1/2″ to 2″ nails into hardwood flooring with 420 inch-pounds of force — much easier than the manual nailers.

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I love the shape and function of a manual flooring nailer — it just goes to show how specific requirements can lead to creative and elegant solutions. The tall handle helps relieve back strain from bending down to work on a floor all day. The cleat on the foot helps to snug the boards up tight against each other. The striker works with the cleat for tight joints but also allows for odd angles and tighter spacing of the nails. And it just looks cool.

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We’re big advocates of using small brads to hold together glue joints in quick-build furniture. Sure, it’s not a method you’ll use on heirloom projects, but if you just need to throw together a quick-‘n-cheap bookcase out of hardwood ply, they beat the crap out of clamping and waiting. This looks like an even better tool for the job: Bostitch’s 23-gauge headless pinner.

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Building codes across the country are now requiring more and more metal connectors (joist hangers, hurricane ties, etc). In order for a connector to meet code in most places, you need to have a nail in every hole available. This meant a lot of hammering, because you couldn’t just use a pneumatic nailer — until now. Stanley Bostitch’s StrapShot pneumatic nail gun actually exposes the tip of the nail, so you can place it right in the hole in the metal connector. Pull the trigger, and move on to the next nail.

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Hurriquake Nail

Stanley-Bostich’s Hurriquake nail incorporates features that enhance its ability to resist both the side-to-side shearing action of earthquakes and the uplift caused by high winds during hurricanes.  But designing stronger nails is easy.  Bostitch’s real engineering feat is designing stronger nails that still fit in any modern nail gun.

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Cruising the wall-o-tools at the local big box is exciting — but also scary if you’re there to shell out some hard earned green for a new power tool.  The trick is to get the most bang-for-your-buck while still netting a tool that’ll handle the job you have in mind — and maybe some future projects as well.  In short, most of us have to find versatile solution.

Take a nail gun for instance; you don’t need a rig that will drive a medieval jousting lance through Kevlar plating just to put up some molding in the back bedroom.  A better option might be a small finish nailer like the Bostitch SB-1850bn. 

It drives 5/8″ to 2″ 18-gauge brad nails, providing great flexibility for those putting up some crown molding around the house or working any number of other finishing projects.  It’s not the biggest nailer out there — in fact it’s one of the smallest, and believe it or not that’s a good thing.  It’s easier to fit inside tighter spaces, and its 2.7 lb. heft is easy enough for even novices to control.

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When you’re buying a compressor, you’ve got to put some thought into what you’re going to do with it.  For example, if you’re planning on running an air wrench or a die grinder, you’re going to need a pretty big tank.  But if you’re just looking to drive a single nailer — like many people do at the jobsite — your needs are somewhat different. 

And that’s what makes this new compressor from Bostitch so interesting.  Its small, internal 1.6 gallon tank is plenty to drive a nailer, but because its 1.5 HP motor only draws a peak of 8 amps, you can run a lot longer extension cord to it — a big deal when you’re working on a new-build house where there’s only one power source.

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History and experience teaches us that there are many different tools needed both on the jobsite and in the shop: tools for driving fasteners are no exception.  The Bostitch PN100K Impact Nailer is just such a specialty tool, constructed for driving common bulk nails in tight spaces or for nailing off metal connectors and joist hangers. 

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