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Cut around the spotweld — sounds easy, right? Sure it is, provided you can get to the spotweld with a drill, which could be a whole other project with some panels I’ve seen. These spotweld cutters work like hole saws; they cut around the weld and allow you to easily separate the two pieces of sheet metal.

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When you’re boring through sheet metal — and make it look like you didn’t use a chainsaw while drunk — just any bit won’t do.  “Quick” and “simple” aren’t words we generally associate with drilling into steel or aluminum, but that’s what the Rotabroach promises. 

Rotabroach Cutters are designed for precision hole-making in mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum sheet metal and plate stock up to ½” thick.  Their power and finesse comes from the tooth geometry, which is designed to prevent chip clogging. 

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