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This morning I was out at a friend’s garden helping her place fencing around some tomato plants. Since the pre-made garden fences for sale in our area are too narrow for our boisterous plants (and okay, we waited a few weeks too long to enclose them), we set to the task of unwinding some smaller-diameter fences we had lying around and patching them with separate pieces of garden fencing.

Our un-weeded glory

As it turns out, my friend’s tool collection is a bit thin, and we had a tough time unwinding and re-hooking wire without the appropriate tools. This brings me to the Black Rhino fencing pliers, which are designed to grap, strip, bend, pry, or whack any bit of fencing you please, and would have been quite helpful in this situation. I initially looked at Irwin’s nickel-chromium pliers which have heavier-duty handles, but the drop forged steel Black Rhinos are cheaper at only $14.49, and just fine for this purpose.

Any skilled garden-fencers out there? Share your expertise in comments!

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Maybe I’m missing something — I don’t do much plumbing work, but this seems over-specialized to me. I know that, at least for residential, most pipe at this point is PVC, but I’ve always used a plain old pipe cutter regardless of what kind of pipe I’m working with.

I like specialty tools, because when they’re not too expensive they save my butt. This Black Rhino PVC cutter comes up at about $13, so it’s not too expensive, but do I need it? It seems to me this is like my left-handed board-stretcher — it’s the same as the right-handed one, and only worth a good laugh.

Is a PVC-only pipe cutter a hot item, or is this a board-stretcher? Let us know in comments.

PVC Cutter [Black Rhino]
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If you think belt hooks on tools are stupid — they’re usually not well-designed, and my belt is generally too tight to easily hook a tool on it — strap on a drill holster.  Black Rhino has adapted the gunslinger’s companion for the Toolmonger.

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Black Rhino Hammer

I was looking for a gift for my better half on Overstock.com when I got sidetracked by all these Black Rhino hammers that’re on sale. Black Rhino has built their reputation on high-quality, ergonomic tools for the professional. These hammers in particular caught my eye:

Black Rhino tacker for $25 
Black Rhino 32-oz dead blow hammer for $18 
Black Rhino 4-lb engineer’s hammer for $20 

I discovered a couple of other nice things about Overstock.com: the flat shipping rate of $3, and their “guaranteed best on the net” pricing.

Black Rhino [Corporate Site]
Black Rhino Hammers [Overstock]